Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What does this product contain?

This product is made with only the purest Garcinia Cambogia HCA. It will never contain any binders and fillers.

What are the results from using this product?

In a clinical trial at Purdue university 89 overweight people were administered 400mg of Garcinia 30 minutes before each meal.  In the 12 week study the average weight loss was 8.8 pounds.

What kind side effects come from using Garcinia Cambogia HCA?

There are no known side effects from using this product.

How often should I take Garcinia Cambogia?

It is recommended taking one capsule 30 minutes before each meal.

How quickly does Garcinia Cambogia HCA work?

Each person’s results will vary but you should start seeing results within a few weeks.

Does Garcinia work for both men and women?

Yes, it will work for both men and women.

Can this product be bought in stores?

This particular product can only be purchased on the internet.


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